Mentor Program

The Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute’s 8th Annual Women Mentoring Women Program

Developing Women to Serve as Role Models for Other Women

Launched in 2008, the Women Mentoring Women program is offered annually by the Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute.  The program is designed for women who are interested in, or who by virtue of their position in an organization share a passion for, advancing other women.  During the program, participants will develop their mentoring skills, enabling them to mentor and develop other women in the community or in their place of business.

The Women Mentoring Women program will explore issues facing business owners and members of organizations, strengthen individual talents and skills needed to work more effectively and efficiently, and provide participants with the tools needed to develop co-workers, protégées and other business owners.  Additionally, the program provides opportunities for networking, as participants meet regularly and hear from a variety of the most prominent women leaders in Chattanooga today.

CWLI is currently accepting applications for the 2015 Women Mentoring Women series, scheduled to begin on August 21nd. The program consists of eight 2-hour lunchtime sessions and will be held from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel in Liberty Tower.

Recognized women leaders give the presentations on topics such as:

  • Becoming Politically Savvy
  • Team Building
  • Understanding Communication Styles
  • Closing the Generational Gap
  • Marketing and Branding Yourself
  • Using Power, Authority, and Influence Effectively in the Workplace.

Class size is limited to 15. Tuition is $400* per person, which includes a one-year regular membership in CWLI for 2016. Those interested need not be current CWLI members to apply.

Following are the dates for the 2015 Women Mentoring Women Program:

                       August 21                 October 30                  

   September 4               November 13

September 18                 November 20

      October 2                   December 4

A graduation reception will be held on Wednesday, December 9th from 5:30 – 7:00.


Applications for the 2015 Women Mentoring Women program are due by Monday, June 15, 2015. Please click below to download both a detailed information sheet and the fillable .pdf application.

2015 Women Mentoring Women Flyer

 2015 Women Mentoring Women Application


*Partial financial assistance may be available based on need and availability of funds. Please contact Mical Traynor at for additional information.



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Thank you to Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel for providing the venue for our sessions.


Testimonials from Women Mentoring Women Alumnae


“The tips I learned from the Women Mentoring Women Program have been tremendous instruments in both my professional and personal life. Tips on ‘how’ to speak, teambuilding, political smarts, marketing, networking, and visibility… I walked away with a tool chest full of beneficial information. The StrengthsFinder2.0 project was awesome!”

-Sharon Braden, Marketing/Proposal Manager, Thompson Engineering (Class of 2009)

“Mentoring is a passion of mine and I enjoyed being involved in the initial design and implementation of the program as well as participating in the pilot class. The exposure to many of the women leaders within our community as well as the varied topics were insightful. Understanding that everyone has individual challenges and how these women addressed those challenges (stepping out of their comfort zone) and became the leaders they are today is valuable information that I take with me in every step of my career. I highly recommend the program for the ‘out of the box’ exposure to people and topics that may not be available in someone’s every day work environment. The network and relationships developed with other participants has also been valuable.”

-Beverlee Bartley, Business Development Manager, LBMC Employment Partners, LLC (Class of 2008)

“The Women Mentoring Women class brought me great insight into the world of women in the workplace and how we can work together to achieve our goals. It brought a sense of female camraderie, instead of feeling competition, that was refreshing and energizing.”

-Katie Harbison, Vice President of Development and Administration, Chambliss Center for Children (Class of 2012)

“On a personal note – this class was about as far outside of my box I’ve been. I have worked in a male-dominated field for over 15 years. My professional contact with females has been quite limited. THANK YOU for the opportunity to meet other business women who are driven and want to make the most of our community. It has been a privilege!”

-Lieutenant Danna Vaughn, Chattanooga Police Department (Class of 2012)

“I entered the Women Mentoring Women program sponsored by CWLI to enhance my leadership skills. Little did I know, I would gain more skills and knowledge on self-preservation, not just leadership.  I met phenomenal women and gained lasting friendships from the program. CWLI is more than a program for women, it is necessary to sustain our community.”

-Angelnetta McGee Ulmer, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Class of 2012)