• Leadership Lunches

    Held four times a year, Leadership Luncheons connect an active network of business-minded women who are motivated to reach their fullest professional and personal potential. During these educational luncheons, expert speakers present various topics to drive women to action in their business and community.  Speakers are carefully considered, ensuring that each luncheon is a valuable opportunity.  Topics discussed are timely, wide-ranging and provocative.

  • Leadership Studies

    Quarterly Leadership Studies are a members-only group study that provides women an opportunity for more in-depth conversations about leadership and the challenges facing women as leaders in the workplace.

  • Finance in the Board Room

    CWLI’s Finance in the Board Room series provides women with the tools they need to interpret basic financial statements and understand the financial health of an organization. Course attendees will explore the importance of an integrated approach to strategic and financial planning. They will develop a broad understanding of roles and responsibilities for board members.

  • Personal Financial Empowerment

    The Personal Financial Empowerment series offers women the financial knowledge to manage their personal balance sheet.  Attendees have the opportunity to become proficient in the use of financial language that is transferable to the workplace.  By the end of this series, participants will have an increased comfort level of discussing financial statements, budgeting, liability and investments.  In addition, they will learn ways to protect themselves should they suffer the loss of a spouse through death or divorce.

  • Networking

    Monthly Networking events are regular informal opportunities to network with women leaders in engaging settings around Chattanooga.  CWLI Networking events are typically held at businesses that are owned or managed by women.