The Women Impacting Policy Committee established a framework for engaging women in Chattanooga’s local political arena. The committee included a Communication Chair and 6 Political Liaisons. The liaisons are CWLI members selected to represent the organization among the local political entities setting policy in our community. As the liaisons gather information on the current issues facing our community, they report back to the Communication Chair. The woman in this role then organizes the information  and disseminates it to the CWLI membership and the community at large. Through this communication architecture, CWLI continuously works to keep women informed on our local political process. This network of engaged women can be quickly mobilized to action on issues important to women.

Become a Political Liaison

As a Political Liaison, you will spend a year serving in an important community leadership role. Political Liaisons attend meetings of local government councils and cultivate professional relationships with our region’s political leaders. They provide periodic updates to CWLI membership on the topics and legislation currently in discussion among elected officials and identify situations calling for widespread mobilization of the membership on issues critical to women. As a CWLI Political Liaison you will gain a greater understanding of politics and government policy in the Chattanooga area and make an important contribution toward informing our members and the community on important political issues. If you are interested in serving as a Political Liaison, contact the Women Impacting Policy Communication Chair.