We Heard You: Member Survey Results Coming Soon

Dear CWLI Adventurers:

CWLI Board Chair, Stefanie Crowe

It’s hard to believe we’ve already begun work of the 2nd Quarter.  2017 is flying by, and with every week, I’m inspired by how this growing, evolving organization continues to leverage a great legacy; yet we remain open to retooling to prepare and capitalize on a fabulous future.

In that spirit, we will soon be sharing high-level results of our first-ever membership survey. Guided by entrepreneur, seasoned strategist and research scientist Liza Soydan and her team at Visionario, we’ve laid an essential foundation to incorporate our CWLI strategy and growth around evidence-based outcomes and data. These results will be shared this month with you and our community stakeholders.

For several decades, we’ve known anecdotally that CWLI programming WORKS.  We’ve now begun to measure the impact of our programming, identify the varied segments of our membership and their unique needs, and better articulate how participation translates into resultspromotions, pay increases, companies launchedyou name it!  As we garner more corporate support, it’s critical that we continue to define the “return” we provide on sponsor investments, and the “return” that you – our members –  receive on your engagement.

Know that the survey results are confidential.  Even analysts with Visionario do not look at an individual’s information.  The survey results will only be reported in aggregate form. Moving forward, our analysts will use best practices to formulate even more specific evaluation questions and methods that will help us make improvements to “up” our game.  Most importantly, this enhanced evaluation feedback will help us make adjustments in REAL-TIME.

REAL-TIME decision making means relevance!  As we grow in membership exponentially and bring in women of different backgrounds, with different interests and needs, it’s imperative that we work with up-to-date information in deciding how to deploy resources – money and time.

If you didn’t participate in the survey this round, know that another one will follow, and you always have the opportunity to provide feedback through program evaluations.  We need to hear from you!  The strength of our dialogue with our collective membership translates directly into IMPACT.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, our fantastic staff, or a member of the board if you have any questions or wishes related to this effort.  Thank you for being part of this journey!

Your fan,

Stefanie Crowe