Over the course of the pandemic, puzzles became very popular because they were a great way to pass the time. Some puzzles are easy 100 piece projects that you can put together in about five minutes. On the other hand, others contain 1,000 pieces that will have you scratching your head as you try to figure out where each piece fits. Leadership is like a puzzle. Think of each trait as a piece. As we grow as leaders and, therefore, add pieces to our puzzles, it can take longer to make all the pieces fit together. Let’s face it, sometimes, you will find yourself looking at the pieces in front of you with no idea how to connect them. You become stuck. When you find yourself in this place as a leader, you have to decide how you are going to proceed. If you commit yourself to overcoming this obstacle and finishing the puzzle, then it will eventually come together. You may spend hours finagling each piece until it securely connects to another, but you will ultimately reach your destination. 

If you just read this scenario and found yourself realizing that you are currently at a place as a leader where you are staring at the pieces in front of you and feeling like it is going to take all of eternity for you to put them together, then I have a question for you: How are you going to rebuild and continue moving forward? Just because you are stuck right now does not mean you are lost or will never find your way. Just because you feel like the process is taking much longer than you intended does not mean that you are going down the wrong path. I encourage you to change your perspective. Stop believing the lie that you are powerless. Instead, realize that you are not alone. There are other leaders in similar situations. It is time for us to band together and support one another as we each focus on overcoming these obstacles and growing as leaders.

At CWLI, we are committed to helping guide women through every stage of their leadership journey, including the challenging ones. It is important to remember that we typically grow and learn the most when we are faced with adversity. I am thrilled to announce that our second intensive leadership course will help you answer the question I posed earlier about the steps you will take to rebuild. We are calling this course Elevating Performance: Inner Leadership, and it will be led by my dear friend Dr. Shelley Prevost. For those of you who do not know Shelley, she is the co-founder of Big Self School, a personal growth school supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of leaders through coaching, classes, books, a podcast, and events. She is also a licensed therapist, educational psychologist, leadership coach, and Enneagram practitioner. Shelley’s vast experience includes 25 years of clinical and coaching experience combined with 10+ years as a business coach and startup executive to help leaders be their wisest and most authentic selves. I am honored to know this woman, and I know this course is going to be phenomenal.

Here is a look at what to expect if you decide to enroll. During this four-month interactive course, you will learn and train on the 10 traits of effective leadership that will help you overcome any challenge you are facing. With the support of your CWLI community, you will learn to harness your inner leadership: overcoming limitations and becoming the inspiring, empowering, and confident leader that your team needs in order to grow.

Ladies, I truly believe this course is going to change lives. When we take time to invest in ourselves, we can serve those around us better. Get ready because soon you will be finishing that puzzle in front of you and will find yourself thriving in your role and in life. 

Let’s Move FORward Together,