It has been said that to every era there is order, disorder, and reorder. The funny thing about this, though, is that we can only ever experience it in retrospect. In other words, we can only organize this pattern through the lens of history. I’m sure the people living through the six years of Black Plague from 1346 – 1352 had no idea their suffering would usher in 300 years of Renaissance. From 1400 – 1700 the world experienced a blossoming of ideas, innovations, and insight. It could be argued that if not for the Black Plague, the world might never have known key figures such as Di Vinci and Michelangelo We might never have  seen Jeff Bezos rocket into space if not for the work of Copernicus.

Put another way, to everything there is a season. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. If not for Winter…we would never understand Spring. I’d like to think that 2022 is the beginning of an era of “Spring” for our nation and ourselves. The snow on the ground in parts of our state over these last few days are a reminder that Winter is hanging on. But inevitably, Spring will have her moment. When she does, it will be magnificent.

As we enter this new year, I hope you’re taking stock. I hope you’re looking around at the tools you will need to rebuild what has been lost. Some of us lost our jobs, our loved ones, our power. Is it not time for us to support one another and build a new thing from the suffering of these last two years. What will you invent? What piece of you will show up in everything you commit yourself to this year? What baggage are you leaving behind that you will not need on this next part of your journey? We can’t wait to see!

Let’s Move FORward Together,