Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute (CWLI) is pleased to announce Autumn Witt Boyd, Attorney and Founder of Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd, as the Chair of the 2022 Board of Directors. CWLI has also added three new board members including Shannon Millsaps, Director of Operations at Thrive Regional Partnership; Aletta Rivers, Property Manager at Chattanooga Housing Authority; and Leanna Young, Vice President and Relationship Managers at FirstBank. 

Autumn Witt Boyd is an experienced – and relatable – lawyer who helps million dollar coaches and online educators reach their big goals. Together with her team at The AWB Firm, Autumn guides online businesses as they grow. She has special expertise in copyright and trademark issues, and her firm offers full-service legal support. Boyd has a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Bloomington and a law degree from Vanderbilt University Law School. “I am honored to lead CWLI’s Board of Directors as we realize a long-time dream of opening our co-working space for women in the Legacy Center. I cannot wait to see the collaborations and community that I know will grow out of this dedicated space for talented Chattanooga women,” said Boyd.

Boyd is excited to support CWLI’s efforts in launching multiple events and long-time projects into fruition for 2022. Programming for 2022 will be focused on rebuilding momentum for female leaders. CWLI will lead out educational programming with the Chattanooga Women’s Symposium on March 24. The goal for the Chattanooga Women’s Symposium is to open up conversations about the varying factors influencing the narrative about women and their significance in the workplace and society. “The Symposium will explore how to activate diverse talent with a dynamic group of speakers tackling economic, social, policy, and management issues, ” adds Boyd. 

Following the Symposium, the CWLI’s leadership studies series “8 Steps to Your Leadership Rebuild,” will continue to build on the challenges discussed at the Symposium that impact women’s lives on the individual level. Boyd commented, “2020 and 2021 were certainly difficult years for women of all ages and all stages of their careers, and CWLI’s 2022 “8 Steps to Your Leadership Rebuild” series of programming will support Chattanooga women in resetting their lives and continuing to build their leadership skills.” 

Having adopted Chattanooga as home, you can find Autumn enjoying the outdoors with her three kids and husband, reading a good book, or sipping a glass of champagne after bedtime.

CWLI also welcomes the talents of Shannon Millsaps (Director of Operations at Thrive Regional Partnership) Aletta Rivers (Property Manager at Chattanooga Housing Authority), and Leanna Young (Vice President and Relationship Managers at FirstBank). These women have been active in the organization and bring valuable partnership opportunities that will help elevate the capacity of CWLI members. They underwent a rigorous selection process. CWLI looks forward to accelerating their work to equip female professionals solving modern problems under the leadership of these talented women.