April Director’s Report


What can you even begin to say in a moment like this? Words fall far too short for conveying the gravity of this event. Overnight, your lives were disrupted. Some were dismantled. Every possible word is not enough. 

And yet…

We persevere. We always persevere. Since the dawn of time, women persevere. 

I’ve been trying to find even one word that encapsulates the fullness of what is required right now. Survive is where I have landed. 

Survive: continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.

I choose live

I choose optimism, beauty, creativity, innovation, adventure…growth. 

While it has been a while since we have seen one another and since we have been able to connect, know that you are all in our constant thoughts. Our team is working to pivot and add value to your new existence. We are right there with you. We are raising children, schooling, adapting, and walking through the unknown right there with you. 

Over these last few weeks, we began a series called FORward Together where share stories from women throughout our community who are leading in unique ways. A few of these have already been posted on our Facebook page. It is our hope that you will find comfort in hearing that you are not alone in this impossible time.

You will begin to see some new formatting to our offerings soon. The Programs Committee is working diligently to curate virtual learning opportunities with the facilitators who were scheduled to conduct workshops this year. You will hear more about how we plan to make adjustments in the near future.  

As soon as it is possible, we will see one another again. In the meantime, we have been working to compile a vast database of information regarding SBA loans, small business tools, and ways to connect to opportunities during this dessert time. You can find those resources here.

Please know that we continue to work on your behalf to bring value to your day and map a more positive future for professional women. 

FORward Together,