August Director’s Report


From Kim Shumpert, Executive Director

August 1, 2019 -- It has been a busy summer around CWLI. We were excited to add Sharayah Caouette to our team as our new Director of Operations and Programs.

We completed our strategic vision for the next five years and are excited to begin sharing elements of that design with you as they materialize. We did a lot of discussing, convening and planning over this last quarter; all while improving our program quality and delivery. We hope you’re noticing a shift in our culture throughout the organization.

One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to listen to so many smart women working hard to solve problems. Women are the best collaborators I know and we just understand how to get things moving. It’s really beginning to show throughout our workshops and luncheons. I encourage you to take advantage of one of our workshops or affinity groups if you’re not already doing so. We have experienced some of the most in depth exchanges inside these settings. Thank you to all of the women who are making these things happen!
In closing, I want to share an article with you that I read recently. Sometimes we can feel like we aren’t making any progress. According to this Forbes article “Women now make up 27% of all board seats, a nearly 17% jump from 2012.” 
When we work together, we create a multiplier effect. This is our focus moving FORward. Together, we are shaping a narrative that advances a better professional future for women and girls. Stay tuned! So much more to come!