COVID-19 Survey Results

A few weeks ago we surveyed our members to get a pulse on how things are going during COVID-19. Here is what you told us. How were you professionally impacted? 56% now work remotely 18% experienced no change 3% are job searching 24% identified “other” Here are a few anecdotes about how you’re feeling in this moment. We got 30 more »

July Director’s Report

What Next? When was the last time you stopped to reflect? If you’re like us, you have been in survival mode for a very long time. It feels like we aren’t any closer to the end of this pandemic than we were on March 13 when the world turned upside down. But when we give ourselves permission to reflect, we more »

CWLI Stands Against Racism

Like you, CWLI mourns the loss of the lives of George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubrey, and Breonna Taylor as well as the profiling of Chris Cooper. These are just the latest, and most publicized, examples of racism and police violence in this country. Their stories have reminded us to examine our position in this community and evaluate where we go from more »

April Director’s Report

What can you even begin to say in a moment like this? Words fall far too short for conveying the gravity of this event. Overnight, your lives were disrupted. Some were dismantled. Every possible word is not enough. And yet… We persevere. We always persevere. Since the dawn of time, women persevere. I’ve been trying to find even one word more »

March Director’s Report

Bourbon & Women, Part 2 Did you know there is a Wikipedia page already dedicated to what is being called Black Monday 2020? That’s right, March 9, 2020 has already earned the moniker ‘Black Monday’ for the conflation of oil and Covid-19 that precipitated the largest single-day point drop of the DOW in U.S. History. While we all hold our more »

February Director’s Report

Bourbon & Women, Pt. 1 Let me start by saying, I won Christmas this year. My husband is probably the best gift giver anyone could hope for. After my father passed away, he had an artist hand make a miniature replica of a wooden sign that hung at our family home growing up that embodied everything my father loved. It more »