January Director’s Report


What Next?

Welcome to a new year! Welcome to a new decade! 

The future is teeming with possibility and we are building the interstate to get us all there. Thanks to you, we solidified a new curriculum model, hired a new team member, and welcomed 95 new members during 2019. All of this effort was in response to what you told us you need. Thank you for your input!

And now, we look FORward. 

Our Programs Committee has been hard at work since July planning our curriculum year. Our 2020 theme is…you guessed it…FORward. You have probably been seeing this word a lot lately wondering what it’s all about. This year, we are here to remind you and those you live and work with what you are FOR. 

There is a lot of noise these days about what women are against. But who is defining what we are FOR? We are. And we want you to help us with this movement. 

If you want to get more involved this year, it’s never been easier. We have uploaded the annual calendar and want to make sure you have every opportunity to take advantage of some amazing learning opportunities this year. To learn more visit https://cwli.org/

Check out everything we have to offer and we can’t wait to see you grow this year!

-Kim Shumpert, Executive Director