September Director’s Report

September 3, 2019 -- The playlist rolling through my head lately has songs like “I Will Survive”, “Eye of the Tiger”, and “Roar”. Do you see a theme building? Are you like me, do you feel like you’re in the fight of your life to claim your time as we transition into fall and the chaos ensues? 
Just yesterday, Ashley (our Marketing and Membership Coordinator) showed me the madness I’m living in. She made me look over her shoulder at our online calendar (where she has access to my events on the calendar). She clicked on and off of the little check box that made my events appear and disappear on the calendar. When she took my events away, the screen seemed so much more manageable all of the sudden. 
Could it be I am my own worst enemy? Why do I keep saying “yes” when “not yet” is a perfectly acceptable answer. Moreover, the people who suffer the most are the ones I long to spend the most time with. 
If you’re sabotaging your own success with a belief system that relies on your being a slave to the calendar, then maybe it’s time to evaluate your core values and start aligning your calendar to those values.
It’s easy for us to lose our identity in the small strokes of the self- portrait we are crafting, until the finished product looks nothing like what we imagined or intended. In this issue, we have some great events that are designed to help you identify and reflect on who you are and where you are headed. Your core values emanate into every piece of your life. 
Schedule the time, put it on the calendar, review what needs to drive you this fall and enjoy the fruit of your intentionality. Your people will thank you!