Meet Emily Elrod


Emily Elrod, MHS, OSHS - President of Workzbe & WISE Consultant focusing on Wellness, Safety, and Organizational Development.

Emily received a BS in Exercise Health Science and a Minor in Chemistry from Kennesaw State University, where she also received her Masters in Exercise and Health Science with a concentration on physiology. 

Emily is an experienced and award-winning Corporate Consultant for Workzbe. She has demonstrated a history of creating WISE cultures to empower people to live well, intelligent, safe, and empowered in corporate, manufacturing, & health care settings. Her work has allowed her to be named Top 10 Health Promotion Professionals in the Nation by WELCOA.  Emily once designed ergonomic friendly machinery for the carpet industry until she learned her passion was more towards the people's side of the equation. She uses her unique background to design environments, create policies, and facilitate plans that allow people to be less stressed, feel heard, and to live out their purpose. She is blessed to help facilitate corporate engagement strategies and culture shifts for employers including Fortune 500 companies around the US and world. In her spare time, she loves to be outdoors with her family and animals at her family farm. 

Q: What motivates you?

A: I am motivated by an internal drive to revolutionize the future of work by adding the human back into the equation. This is a WISE work environment where companies don't have to give away the bank in benefits and people are seen more than human workers that punch the clock. The people are allowed to use their unique abilities to create innovative products and ideas to positively impact the next generations to come.  People will have a WISE place where they can live Well, Intelligent (in emotions and processes), Safe, and Empowered. 

Q: When you are not working, where and how do you spend your time?

A: This is a tough question because I am always working but just call it fun/ life. When I am not a business owner, I fall into one of the following roles of Wife, Mother, Friend, Farmer, Learner, Recovering Perfectionist, etc.  On a typical weekend, I am raising children, cattle, and chickens (in that order.) We are either at the farm feeding cows, upland preserve managing events, or kitchen experimenting with healthy recipes while having random dance parties.

Q: What advice do you have for women aspiring to be leaders in their field?

A: Be Patient. Do not let others lack of self-love or worth defeat you. You deserve to be at the table even if you come as a token. Don't impress with your words but rather your actions and results. 

Q: Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader?

A: My father, Anthony Kile has made a tremendous impact on my leadership style. His humility, sacrifice, and patience is always demonstrated by his actions rather than his words. His ability to run a successful business for 25+ years by focusing on people first showed me that focusing on people is profitable. He also sees everyone equally in his organization. I love the lack of titles at his organization and that he still cleans the toilets to show the fact that he is equal. 

Q: What has been your proudest moment in your career?

A: In 2019, I was named Top 10 Health Promotion Professionals in the Nation. The award wasn't the proudest moment per se but rather the work that led up to receiving the award: Over 150 people lost 10lbs or more and kept it off for 3 years, Average savings of $1900 per member on the health plan, and expansion of Workzbe to Fortune 500 company.  It was getting to see lives impacted for the better being rewarded. 

Q: What strides do you think CWLI members can take to make more of a difference in women’s leadership issues in the local community?

A: Simply act. If you know in your gut a change needs to be made, quit talking about it and start doing something with it. You don't have to know all the answers to be qualified.  The only qualifications needed are to stay persistent, consistent, and to act. Please note failure is a lesson and be ok with it and when those days suck and you feel like you can't continue, find your people to speak life back into you. 

Q: How would you best describe the benefit found in joining this organization?

A: My greatest benefit is finding other women leaders that have relatable experience with the pressure of being a woman leader. They have dealt with the mom guilt, the feeling of being a token at times, and the comparison curse.  They also know the power of action and give supportive tools to allow others to grow.