Meet Kathy Lane


Kathy Lane is the president of IdentiFi Careers. Kathy’s unique background in accounting, combined with over 24 years of experience in recruiting and placement, make her perfectly suited to help growing companies build successful teams. By focusing on forming strong relationships with key decision makers and qualified professionals, she can ensure both parties find what they’re looking for. She is a recruiter specializing in the recruitment and placement of finance and accounting professionals in a wide range of industries. Before she began her career in recruiting, she spent 15 years in the accounting industry working as a controller. She has five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren with the sixth due in June! 

Q: What motivates you? 

A: I have a passion for building relationships, making connections, and building a respected reputation in my industry. It must be working. It is crazy that people I placed years ago are now calling me about their children that are out of college and starting their careers.

Q: When you're not working, where and how do you spend your time? 

A: I enjoy cooking for and being with my family and friends. I hate to not see them right now, though!

Q: What advice do you have for women aspiring to be leaders in their field? 

A: Never turn down an opportunity to network and make connections. 

Q: Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? 

A: Loanne Kuller.  She hired me into my first recruiting position which was a completely different path from what I saw myself following.  Through her encouragement and mentoring, I became one of the company’s top 10 producers. 

Q: What has been your proudest moment in your career? 

A: Getting a call from a candidate I placed with a publicly held major manufacturer to let me know he was promoted to Vice President of Finance.  He thanked me for believing in a kid right out of college.  

Q: What strides do you think members can take to make more of a difference in women's leadership issues in the local community? 

A: Networking, mentoring, and staying positive. Don’t let anyone steal your happy!

Q: How would you best describe the benefit found in joining this organization? 

A: The opportunity to make connections with women in countless industries is profound. There aren’t any other organizations with access to such a variety of professionals.