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How has CWLI impacted its members?

“My involvement with CWLI began when I was recruited by a friend to work on the Registration team at the annual event.  It was such fun and I saw so many friends and acquaintances that I volunteered the next year and then joined the organization as a small business owner.

I have attended several of the Leadership Lunches, the networking events, the annual meeting and the big events, but there are two things in particular that have made this a good fit.

First, I participated in the “Finance in the Board Room” series because I work with non-profits and am not a numbers lover.  It was excellent, easy to understand, with input from real life executive directors and small enough class size to give one the opportunity to get to know the other participants.  Really well done!

Second, this has been an excellent opportunity to meet other women in business with the intention of building personal and professional relationships.  We are referring business to each other and having brainstorming sessions over lunch or coffee.  I have learned so much about the large corporations and women-owned businesses in Chattanooga, and it has held great benefit for my fundraising & marketing consulting business.

Many thanks to CWLI for such a great variety of interactive and on target programs!”

-Barb Bowen


“As a newcomer in the community, CWLI provided a  network of professional women which was surprisingly inclusive, passionate about their purposes, and willing to step beyond traditional social limitations.  Working on committees has helped me feel a part of the group and opened relationships for me.  CWLI members have met with me to review job offers, to practice negotiation strategies,  to discuss acceptable work place practices, and just to enjoy one another’s company and, in turn, I have met with other women to do the same.  “Model, teach, inspire…”

I love observing CWLI women hosting tables at our leadership luncheons …putting women at ease, making them feel included and valued.  In our competitive, ego-centric world, this small kindness affirms the women we want to be: caring, intelligent, proactive, successful, and vision-casters.  “Model, teach, inspire…”  So true.”

— Suzanne Burrell, CFP®

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