Member Testimonials

My membership has made an incredible impact on both my career and relationships. Networking through Quarterly Connects and Affinity Groups has exposed me to so many talented and brilliant women. QCs allow me to meet women from a wide range of industries, and Affinity Groups provide the opportunity to dig in and gain insight from others in my field. 

Through the connections I have made, I can walk into almost any room in Chattanooga and find myself in the company of someone who I’ve connected with through CWLI. I have gained so much confidence in my networking skills and am proud to now be one of the people welcoming new members and connecting them to other amazing women. 

The Leadership Studies have helped me to do things like create my own personal mission statement, which has helped me to find my voice and my passion and has been a major driver of my professional development. The Women’s Symposium provided inspiration and taught lessons that I have carried into my daily life – both at work and at home. I truly credit much of my career progress and increased confidence over the last several years to my involvement in CWLI.  

Membership in CWLI is what you make of it…they have given me so many opportunities to learn, grow, and connect. And they have given me the opportunity to give back by supporting and building up other women.

Meghan Greene

The Game ChangeHer Program offered valuable and inspiring professional and personal development as well as the opportunity to pour into the young girls at CGLA. It was a challenging and rewarding experience and I am so grateful to have gone through it. Thank you CWLI for offering this life changing opportunity!

Megan Freeman

I was in a dark place in my work setting, after 15 years. It’s male-dominated, my bosses were males and our work was in bad way, leadership-wise. I saw an advertisement on line for the program and read about it. I had no female mentors at the time. I sent it to my husband and asked him what he thought about it. He fully supported me so I registered. The next 8 weeks (I believe) would be some of the best 8 weeks of the remainder of my career. The instructors AND the participants were so supportive and encouraging. The information I received helped me navigate the difficult circumstances I found myself in. I “graduated”, feeling more confident and bad@$$ than ever! I managed to retire as one of the highest ranking women in the workplace! Big accomplishment. I have continued to stay engaged with this group, in hopes of helping someone else navigate hard times! Thank you, CWLI!

Danna Vaughn

The Membership Committee was the first place I volunteered when I joined CWLI. I didn’t know anyone and just jumped in with both feet. The chair and members were so welcoming and I learned so much about the organization and its members on this committee. I am not sure my journey in this group would have been the same success it has been without my start in this most amazing small group of women. My advice to every new member is to find a small gap and fill it. It will be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

Julie Cook Davis

Meeting people from a similar group in the community as myself has proven to be powerful! I enjoy networking and sharing and this group has helped me learn more about the nonprofit world and meet people I never would have had the opportunity to otherwise!

Sandy Pricer