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Quarterly Connect - Spring into Networking

Let’s spring into networking with our first QC of the year!
Grab a friend and come connect with other women professionals while enjoying a glass of wine and light refreshments!
This is a FREE event, but please register for each person attending.

New Member Orientation (Virtual)

Learn how to make the *most* of your CWLI Membership!
Stacey Nolan, Membership Coordinator, will walk you through all of the wonderful programs, benefits and offerings you can access with your CWLI membership.
*Offered monthly, on the 4th Wednesday 

RESILIENCE: 5 Pillars to Purposeful Leadership

Our 2023 Leadership Studies will focus on the 5 Pillars of Resilience, with experienced facilitators that will give you essential skills and insight to building personal and professional resilience. Join us for the entire series or any individual sessions that interest you.

Self Awareness: Knowing Yourself in Context

with Sheaba Chacko, LPC-MHSP

Resilience is about sustainability. Want to have it all and do it all with grit + grace? Know yourself in context. Increase your self-awareness in your specific context to reduce friction + increase flow!

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Where women lead, the world follows.


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Leadership Studies

Our Leadership Studies are a series of professional and personal development sessions focused on an annual theme. 

Leadership Tracks

Experiential curriculum curated for a deep dive into high-level content and community leadership cultivation.

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Quarterly Connect

Gather quarterly with women across multiple industries, generations, and leadership levels. Grow your business.

Affinity Groups

Dive deep into interests decided on by the group and explored at the group’s pace. Or let us help you start a new group.

Member Hub

NEW! Cultivate relationships with other professional women, explore online learning, discover member benefits.


The 7

NEW! Our advocacy platform designed to advance key strategies that help place female talent in decision-making spaces.


RE-IMAGINED! Annual thought leadership dinner and summit featuring dynamic speakers and facilitators.

membership spotlight: Danette Scudder

Membership Spotlight

“Leadership skills are constantly being developed in all facets of life. As a small business owner, leadership skills are vital for growth as you develop the ability to fully empower the team. As a wife and mother, leadership skills enable me to teach and mentor my children, while enabling room for autonomous growth and development. As a community member, leadership skills offer the perspective of a ‘whole’, allowing for local contribution to the betterment of the city. Each aspect is important for growth as an individual, and allows for high tides to rise all ships.”

Michelle Davis | Learning Rx, Chattanooga


Generating New Ideas.

Solving Big Problems

We believe women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world. For over 25 years, Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute has been the premiere organization for thought leadership for professional women. Our offerings increase the capabilities of female leaders while advocating for their elevation to more decision-making spaces.

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