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Lisa Sun to Keynote IMPACT 2021

We are excited to celebrate CWLI’s 25th Anniversary this year with our 16th Annual IMPACT Dinner. IMPACT is a leadership dinner where we will explore provocative topics related to attracting, retaining and elevating female talent throughout our region.

The dinner is intended for anyone who wants to know more about how to activate the social and economic engine that is high-quality female talent. Women and men alike will benefit from the keynote presentation geared toward advancing women in our region.

**Masks and social distancing will be enforced.


IMPACT Keynote Speaker, Lisa Sun, is giving away $100,000 of clothes to help women look and feel their best as cities reopen. She will be giving away $1,000 worth to a leader in our city. 

Do you know a woman who has got gravitas? Tell us why she is so special and she deserves the Gift of Gravitas.

Leadership Study: Inspiring Positive Team Culture

September 28th | 11:30-12:30pm | Melanie Domenech Rodriquez

Positive Team Culture is collaborative, transparent, and strengths-focused.  Ideally, teams are comprised of people with diverse identities and life experiences so that teams may benefit from broad perspectives and team processes. However, diversity within teams can be difficult to navigate when life ways and thought ways appear to be clashing. Effective leaders seek diverse group composition and take steps to maximize the benefits of diversity with inclusive practices.

Introducing CWLI Legacy Center

Coming Summer 2021, we are introducing a co-working space designed by women FOR women. Bearing the name of the visionary members who dreamed with us more than 2 years ago,  the Legacy Center  provides a premiere downtown location for female business owners and leaders desiring space to collaborate, grow capital, and be part of an ecosystem that elevates the talents of women.

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Where women lead, the world follows.


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Experiential curriculum curated for a deep dive into high-level content and community leadership cultivation.

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CWLI Legacy Center

NEW! Co-working space designed by women for women. Premiere downtown location helps you elevate your business.


RE-IMAGINED! Annual thought leadership dinner and summit featuring dynamic speakers and facilitators.

membership spotlight natalie cook

Membership Spotlight

“There’s certainly times where a “no” is appropriate and necessary, but think of what we could accomplish together if we were more effective getting to “yes” in supporting each other! 

Natalie Cook | Manager of Strategic Communications

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We believe women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world. For 24 years, Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute has been the premiere organization for thought leadership for professional women. Our offerings increase the leadership capabilities  of women while advocating for their elevation to more decision-making spaces.

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