2024 FAQ's

FAQ – Member Edition

Changes in the environment, including Covid and shifting priorities in the nonprofit landscape required CWLI to reevaluate its impact. The reason women joined was to connect with others, and even though we began holding these events after the pandemic, there were fewer in attendance. The lack of women working full time in offices has dampened the enthusiasm for event-focused organizations. While it is with great sadness, CWLI has decided to close. To help address questions our members may have, we have put together the below FAQ’s. As our great leader Marj Flemming ended our annual meeting, “Lead on!

1. What happens with programming?

CWLI is wrapping up Game ChangeHer now through Spring, and we will not be continuing with any further programming activities.

2. Will there still be CWLI events in 2024?

No, there will be no more events. We celebrated our lifetime success at our last Annual Meeting on February 16, 2024.

3. What about membership?

We stopped automatic renewals of memberships and have taken down links to join or renew. You will not be charged for membership after January 2024.

4. Is there a way to continue connecting with other CWLI members?

CWLI will keep their social media handles and continue with the CWLI Members Facebook group. We encourage you connect, support and network on these channels.

5. What about the Affinity Groups? 

Affinity Groups will no longer meet under the CWLI banner.

The Small Biz/Entrepreneur Synergy Circle plans to continue independently under the leadership Jennifer Leach and Whitney Belden. Contact Jennifer at purposedrivenhealthcoaching@gmail.com

Or join their GroupMe chat: https://groupme.com/join_group/93297824/2j6Ujgcd 

Be sure to join the CWLI Members Facebook group to stay connected.

6. What is CWLI’s timeline for wrapping things up?

We anticipate concluding business in late Spring, though this is contingent on many moving parts. Our best estimate is May 2024.

7. I paid for membership, a program or a sponsorship – can I get a reimbursement?

Please contact Stacey Nolan directly at: stacey@cwli.org and she will assist you.

8. I have another question not listed here. Who can I contact?

Please contact Stacey at: stacey@cwli.org

Our History

The Women’s Leadership Institute was initiated in 1996 with informal gatherings regarding the small number of women in leadership positions in the Chattanooga community, especially the relatively few women holding executive level positions in companies or elective and appointive offices in local government.  Additionally, a movement began to form an organization where women leaders could interact with each other more productively and could bring forward a new “generation” of women leaders.  In 1998, CWLI became a nonprofit organization.