Wow, can you believe the start of August is upon us? Students will be returning to the classroom in just a few short weeks. I know how hectic getting back into the swing of things can be. In our community, we are also dealing with a potential resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic. We thought we were nearing the end of this dark tunnel, and then all of a sudden, we took a step back. I know this frustrates and concerns each and every one of you. All of you have a lot on your plates right now, and I want to remind you that we are a family at CWLI. We will all walk through this hand in hand knowing that we will survive. 

Ladies, especially moms, I want to share some encouraging tips with you to help you transition back into the flow of school being in session. From football games to talent shows to play rehearsals, your schedules are starting to fill up quickly. However, it is essential that you remember to take time for yourself. Self-care empowers us to be better leaders and moms. Finding time for self-care in your schedule won’t be easy, but I promise you it will be worth it. Even if you just take ten minutes a day to be alone and reflect on your thoughts, you will notice a difference in your mood. 

I also encourage you to make goals for yourself in this new season. Find an accountability partner within our CWLI family and work together to achieve your goals. Ladies, you are strong. You can do anything you set your mind to. To be honest, your goal may need to be to making self-care time. Your accountability partner can help you ensure you are taking care of yourself so that you can take care of others even better. 

As we watch the numbers of COVID-19 cases rise again, I want to remind you to be flexible with your routines. We do not know what tomorrow holds. In this season of great uncertainty, we must always be ready to pivot. We will get through this together. Whatever comes our way, we can handle it. 

Ladies, in a previous note, I spoke to you all about the number of changes that we have experienced recently. These are changes that are going to launch us into the future and help us excel as we continue to promote female leadership in our community. We will be sharing even more about these changes over the coming weeks and months. I am also truly looking forward to gathering with all of you at IMPACT in September to celebrate our organization’s 25th anniversary. I still believe that we will be able to meet in person and take in everything our phenomenal speakers have to share together. 

If you have not already registered for IMPACT, I invite you to do so now. You can register conveniently online for this exciting Dinner & Symposium. You do not want to miss what our keynote speakers Lisa Sun and Jennifer Stanley have to share. More information can be found by visiting:

Let’s Move FORward together,