IMPACT featuring Jennifer Goodrich

Ladies, the clock is ticking! In just a few short weeks we’ll be coming together for our IMPACT Dinner & Symposium. With each passing day, I find myself even more excited about what will take place over those two days in September. Not only is this year’s IMPACT an opportunity for us to learn from some of the greatest leaders in the world, but, as you know, we will also be celebrating CWLI’s 25th anniversary! 

This year’s IMPACT is the first one with a Symposium, and I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to one of the phenomenal women who will be joining us, Jennifer Goodrich. For the past 18 years, Jennifer has been President of Benchmark Leadership Training. She prides herself on being an expert in the areas of leadership and management. I am beyond excited that you all will get to hear from her as she brings her knowledge and expertise to our Continuing Education Breakout Session.

The landscape of women’s leadership in the Tennessee Valley is something that Jennifer understands very well. As a Signal Mountain resident, she sees the incredible impact women are making in organizations throughout our community every day. Jennifer is passionate about changing the way people think about leadership training. She wants to remove the stigma that all training has to be boring, and in her own words, “painfully average.” Her approach is to focus on investing in your life instead of simply going through the motions. I know for a fact that she is going to leave a lasting impact on you when you hear her speak. 

Jennifer’s session this year is called “Turn Around Underperformers.” She will be teaching us how to “debunk the myth that worker productivity is always a function of motivation or engagement levels.” I encourage you to get ready because she is going to deliver information that is going to make you an even better leader. 

Ladies, IMPACT is coming! You do not want to miss what Jennifer and all of our other speakers are going to share with us. If you have not already purchased your tickets, you can still do so by visiting our CWLI website

I look forward to seeing all of you on September 9th.

Let’s Move FORward Together,