ICYMI, the most recent jobs report is out and it is something we need to pay attention to. 

According to Axios writer, Emily Peck, men’s labor force participation rate was up to 70% in January, according to numbers from the Labor Department released Friday. The women’s rate is 58%. By the numbers, 1 million men reentered the workforce in January compared to just 39,000 women. Clearly men are recovering from the pandemic at a staggeringly faster pace than women. This has major long term implications for the future of women in the workforce.

What’s fueling this? Childcare. Though statistics are still being compiled, the qualitative information is building a strong picture of a lack of systemic response to caregiving and, by extension, women. Even if you’re a woman who is not responsible for caring for a child, you are likely impacted by the absence of these women in the business culture who drive conversations about equitable work/life balance. We rely on one another.

Additionally, how can our economy recover properly if women are invisible from its reshaping? 

I hope you agree we should be talking about it. Eventually the quantitative data will catch up to what we as women are feeling and reporting. We have a responsibility to build a platform that pushes that data to the surface. 

On March 24, 2022 we will host our first annual (and much anticipated) Chattanooga Women’s Symposium. You will not want to miss the important conversation we will facilitate for our region with local leaders and experts exploring social, economic, and policy issues related to ‘Activating Diverse Talent’. Expect to be supported in your leadership journey and learn how to build a new lexicon for how we reimagine female leadership within our business ecosystem. 

Remember this, what we have to offer is as important as your visibility at this event. How can our leaders believe that these issues matter to us if we don’t show up to discuss them? We HAVE to be seen before the change we need can become a reality. We invite you to use this moment to show our leaders that these issues matter to you and those who depend on you. Invest in yourself on March 24. Invest in the women around you. Invest in the future of women in leadership. 

Learn more about the Symposium below and make plans now to join us!

Let’s Move FORward Together,