ForHER Podcast
I’m sure most of you busy and successful women have numerous podcasts on your lists these days. It’s easy to access anything from business advice to parenting hacks in the pod-verse. But how tuned in are you to local issues affecting you right here at home? How much do you really know about how women in our region are navigating the many leadership roles we carry?
On behalf of Erika Burnett and myself, we are excited to introduce to you the ForHER Podcast!
Over the last two years, Erika, Executive Director Women’s Fund of Greater Chattanooga, and myself have had A LOT of conversationĀ about the landscape for women in this moment in history. So much has shifted in a short amount of time. We realized maybe we were being a little selfish in having all the fun of these conversations by ourselves. We thought, if we are thinking about these issues, maybe other women are too.
The podcast is in pre-production now and we hope to have an official launch date for you soon. The focus will be regional and we will be interviewing women who are leading in big ways. Here’s where you come in!
Please click on the survey below to give us an idea of the topics you want to hear about and the interviewees you want to hear from. If you’ll give us 3 minutes, we will give you some great conversation on topics from unique perspectives.
We are so excited to collaborate on this project with our colleagues at Women’s Fund. Expect to hear from a variety of life experiences and, hopefully, a bit of problem solving as we address the issues you most want to talk about.
Let’s Move FORward Together,
Kim and Erika