ForHER Podcast

After 10 long weeks, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for (well maybe just most of you). IT’S TIME FOR BACK TO SCHOOL!!

No doubt, you have filled your days and poured loving care into every ounce of planning for the perfect summer for your kids and family. You have counted every penny to ensure it has been put to good use in summer camp, vacation, continued learning, sports, movies, or basically any activity that can substitute for structured time so you can work without your kids burning down the house.

You are a hero. No, really. You are a hero. I hope you know what a massive contribution to society you are as the “Chief Planning Officer” for your household. All of those great memories would not be possible for your little rug rats if not for you. Because of you, they are living their best lives.

But the time has come for them to return to the hallowed halls of higher learning; to once again take up the cross they must bear in pursuit of eventual independence from your cruise-directing and expense account. Bring on the weeping and gnashing of teeth as they finish those summer reading requirements. Bring on the shopping excursions and crowds on tax free weekend. Bring on the umpteenth ‘Back to School’ pool party. August is YOUR month! It is the month where you put a nice big bow on summer and shift your focus to beloved routines again. We understand, those routines are your lifeline. They are better than wine for maintaining sanity.

So, embrace this next week. Kiss them, hug them, clothe them in new outfits, take their pictures, and then CELEBRATE! Reclaim a little of yourself and find a way to reward your hard work. Thank yourself for fulfilling your commitment to them. We know we thank you for all you do!

Let’s move FORward Together,