Game ChangeHer

For the past 23 years, CWLI has provided high quality professional development to hundreds of women seeking to improve their leadership capabilities. Formerly "Women Mentoring Women," the program has evolved to integrate learning and leadership in real time.

The new program will offer a combination of personal and professional development topics that will strengthen the skills and abilities of women and provide them with the tools to serve as effective mentors and leaders in the region. After participants work through a module, they will be paired with young women from Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy to present the material.

Game ChangeHer includes 16 bi-weekly sessions which run from September 2019 to May 2020.

Participants will learn the skills needed to mentor and develop other women in community and business leadership roles while also participating in a journey of self-discovery.

The program is designed for women in ALL stages of life, whether you are new to the workforce or retired. Topics include but are not limited to: Generational Mentoring, Effective Listening & Communication, Expanding Leadership through Relations, Personal Branding and more.

"This program was totally out of my box, as I had spent 15+ years working with, for and around men. Through this course, I met many amazing, powerful, confident women who actually took the time to lift me up at a time when my career was in a very dark place. I credit this curriculum and its presenters for helping me achieve the position I currently have in my workplace. The best lesson I learned is that I am me, and I don't need to change for anyone or any place of employment."

Danna Vaughn, Assistant Chief, Chattanooga Police Department

"Women Mentoring Women helped me elevate my confidence level as a woman. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet so many successful leaders and learn how they got to where they are today."

Chantel Pitts, First Tennessee Bank