When we strengthen women,

companies and communities benefit.

Supporting the CWLI mission means seeing more women in decision-making spaces. Women are the nucleus for social and economic progress. Learn more about opportunities to invest in female leaders below.

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Complimentary memberships (Corporate)
Regional talent investment
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Exclusive VIP Reception & premium seating at IMPACT
Audience of 3000+
Female business owner incubation investment
Digital and live event brand exposure (Corporate)
Network of 600+ members
Elevation of female leaders
CWLI Campaign

FORward Campaign

A donation toward the CWLI mission funds the capacity to provide training and connection at affordable pricing. This helps female entrepreneurs and rising leaders gain access to the resources they need as their earning potential and procurement of needed capital is emerging.

Annual Legacy Campaign

Our Legacy Members recognize the value in paying their success forward. They comprise a collective of women who have reached the pinnacle of success and desire to see the next generation thrive. Their investment is dedicated to supporting strategic goals and scholarships.

Julie Baumgardner
Annual Partnership

Annual Partnerships Campaign

Join the growing list of corporate and local partners dedicated to investing in female leadership. See the full list below. They have witnessed first-hand the propsperity that comes from progressive strategies that see more women ELEVATED. Use the contact form below to reach out to us about Annual Partnership.

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