Introducing a NEW Leadership Track

For 25 years, CWLI has provided high-quality professional development to women. Our second intensive leadership course is geared to challenge your existing parameters in your leadership role. If you are ready to elevate your leadership, your team and your company this course is designed for you! As a leader, when you invest in your self-development you create an environment where your whole team can grow. Inner Leadership is an interactive 4-month intensive program designed for proactive leaders who want research-based strategies to elevate themselves, their team, and their company.
**Spots are limited. One registration per person. Participants meet monthly from January 2022 – April 2022 on the second Friday of each month from 9am-4pm.

What will you will learn

You will proactively learn and train on the 10 traits of effective leadership: self-knowledge, adaptability, boundaries, boldness, curiosity, communication, connection, self-care, values, and purpose. With the support of your CWLI community, you will learn to harness your inner leadership: overcoming limitations and becoming the inspiring, empowering, and confident leader that your team needs in order to grow.

Curriculum Overview

Wage the truth with yourself. Your growth starts with radical self-inquiry that leads to next level leadership.

We’re stronger together. Learn the building blocks of trust and empathy to more deeply connect with the people you lead, work, and live with.

See your courage take flight. Discover where fear and resistance hold you back and how small movements add up to bold action.

Discover wellness that works. Ground yourself in daily practices that will sustain your leadership for the long-haul.

Led by Shelley Prevost

Shelley is the Co-founder of Big Self School, a personal growth school supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of leaders through coaching, classes, books, a podcast, and events. She is a licensed therapist, educational psychologist, leadership coach, and Enneagram practitioner. She has 25 years of clinical and coaching experience combined with 10+ years as a business coach and startup executive to help leaders be their wisest and most authentic selves.