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Each quarter is designed to build out from a theme aligned with what our members tell us they need to learn more about. We start each quarter with a Leadership Luncheon (LL) keynote speaker. Then we dive deeper into the topic through 3 tiered Leadership Studies (LS). You pick your comfort level with the topic (beginning (LS1), middle (LS2), advanced (LS3). If you’re ready for something more intensive, discover one of our Leadership Tracks (LT) where you will be challenged with real-life leadership application. 

Leadership Luncheons

Leadership Studies

Leadership Tracks


As an institute, it is important that our model be driven by research. We conduct internal and external research and collect from regional and national resources to inform our program curriculum. All objectives point back to evidence-based best practices for cultivating female leaders who shape culture.

Leadership Luncheons

Each quarter begins with a luncheon that features community, business, civic, or political leaders presenting information related to business and leadership. Register through our calendar.

Leadership Luncheons will return in 2021 once we can safely gather.

Leadership Studies

Each quarter you will be able to engage at a deeper level with the content presented over the course of 3 months. Our Studies are designed to offer beginning, middle and advanced content around a given quarterly theme.

As you identify your level of expertise, our presenters are here to challenge you in LS 1, LS 2, or LS 3 courses. 12 per year. Check out our calendar for future Studies. Register for our upcoming Study below.


Leadership Study

About the session

Do you challenge the status quo BUT people tell you, you’re disruptive? Are you doing things differently and think it’s a good thing, BUT others are telling you it’s a problem? Do you resist group think and others are telling you you’re not a team player?

The curse of the independent thinker are these labels; often because independent thinkers spark emotional reactions in others (and you) are not aware of. Reactions they are not managing well. These emotional reactions, left in the dark, and therefore not managed, are what derails independent thinking and all of the goodness that comes from it – like innovation, creativity, and cognitive diversity.

Successful Career Pivot Panel

April 20th 2021 | 11:30am | Zoom

Presenter: TeresaQuinlan

Founder of her personal brand and the formula IQ+EQ=TQ, Teresa is passionate about emotional intelligence as the key ingredient to one’s success in life. As a certified coach and EQi-2.0 practitioner, Teresa is building emotionally intelligent organizations through Executive Coaching, Leadership Development programs, Speaking, and Consulting.

Having spent over 25 years cultivating a rich and diverse set of skills, facilitating leadership learning, and presenting to all sizes of groups, her passion is focused on creating thought-provoking experiences that go beyond the moment and instead, stay with the individual for days as they contemplate the moments that made them laugh, the moments that led to ‘ah ha’, and the moments that triggered opportunities for to challenge one’s status quo. The inevitable occurs; personal growth and development. Unleashing your greatest potential.

Leadership Tracks 

These tracks are designed to be intensive courses geared to challenge your existing parameters in your leadership role. IF you are ready to grow personally, professionally and invest significant time, these 8-16 session courses are designed for you. We will be adding 1-2 courses per year through 2023.

Game ChangeHer

This unique program teaches you how to be a mentor in real-time through our partnership with Chattanooga Girls Leadrship Academy. 16 sessions over 9 months immerse you in self-discovery and hone your leadership skills. Nominations begin in May each year. Email us at for more information.

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